Lending criteria

There are some restrictions that will apply and some important information you need to know about when completing the calculator:

  • You need to be the homeowner.
  • Your property needs to be of standard construction in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.
  • The amount we lend can change dependent on whether you are applying for single or joint life lifetime mortgage.
  • You must pay your outstanding mortgage off before or at the same time as taking out the lifetime mortgage. You can use the money you borrow to do this.
  • A lifetime mortgage will reduce the amount of inheritance you can leave your loved ones. However, you can ensure that they will receive a percentage of the value of your home as a minimum by adding an inheritance guarantee. This will reduce the amount you can borrow. You can only add an inheritance guarantee to your lifetime mortgage when you first take it out. You can't add it at a later date.
  • We will consider each property and will decide whether to lend based on that property and its location alone.

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