24 hour Stress Counselling

Being stressed out is no joke. Life can be difficult to deal with sometimes, and the pressures of unexpected circumstances or even everyday situations can build up. But there’s nothing wrong with asking for help or talking about how you feel. Sharing your concerns can help reduce stress and relieve some of the pressure. That’s why we make our 24 hour Stress Counselling helpline available day and night, all year round.

  • Stress Counselling helpline: 0800 092 3189

It’s confidential. It’s easy to call. You’ll be speaking to a trained counsellor who will listen carefully to you, and who can also give you advice on how to deal with whatever’s causing your stress. Divorce, moving house, bereavement, relationship problems, worries about work … big or small, whatever’s on your mind – it’s all right to talk about it.

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