Making a claim

Speedy Diagnostics helps you find out what’s wrong if you’re feeling unwell. When it comes to making a claim for that diagnosis, or for consultations, scans and tests involved, we want to make sure things go smoothly. We’re pleased to say that over 90% of new claims can be assessed over the phone. Our step by step guide to making a claim will help you gather the information we’ll ask for, before we speak.

  • Your claims team number 0800 158 3333
Monday to Friday
8.00am – 8.00pm
8.00am – 1.00pm

Calls to and from Aviva may be monitored and/or recorded

Use our 4-step guide to make a claim

Step one – if you need to get a diagnosis…

The first step is to see your GP, and mention that you have Speedy Diagnostics cover with Aviva. If your GP refers you for tests, consultations or scans through a specialist, those costs could be covered under your policy. If you’re not sure what’s covered, please contact us to find out. We’re happy to help, but if you arrange appointments before contacting us, we may not be in a position to approve a claim.

Step two – contact us to start your claim…

We get your claim under way by taking some details over the phone. It helps us if you have all the information to hand when we talk. We’ll ask you for:

  • Your details, including your Speedy Diagnostics policy number
  • A description of your symptoms and what your GP has told you
  • The name of any specialists you’ve been referred to, and where they practice
  • Details of any tests or scans you’ve been advised to have, if you know about them
  • Any procedure codes (CCSD codes) used to describe the diagnostic care

If it’s an ‘open referral’, we’ll ask which kind of specialist you want to see. And if we need to know about anything else, like details from your GP or more information from you, we’ll do our best to get that organised as quickly as possible.

Step three – get an approval, then get a diagnosis…

When we speak, we’ll let you know the details of hospitals currently covered by your policy and whether or not the specialist you’d like to see is on our approved list. We update the list from time to time to help us keep the costs of Speedy Diagnostics policies down, so it’s important to check before making appointments. It’s also useful to note that if you need a CT, MRI or PET scan as an out-patient, this will only be covered at one of our recognised diagnostic centres.

Step four – let us pay the bills…

We can settle most bills directly with a hospital and most specialists send their bills straight to us. If you do get a bill at home, you can send it on to us at:

Bill Payment Team,
Customer Services Team
Aviva Health UK Limited
Chilworth House
Templars Way
SO53 3RY

Questions about making a claim?

You’re welcome to call us if you have a question about your policy or making a Speedy Diagnostics claim. Our claims team will do everything they can to help and they understand that, if you’re waiting to find out what’s wrong, it can be a stressful time. Don’t forget, if you’re feeling under pressure, our 24 hour GP helpline and our 24 hour Stress Counselling are there to give you support whenever you need it.

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