Useful contact numbers

Before you call

If you'd like to ask us information about Speedy Diagnostics, please use these details. If you have questions about other products, please use the phone numbers on our main contact page.

With a Speedy Diagnostics policy in place, you’ll get a diagnosis quickly at a time that suits you. But we think it’s important to make sure the information you need is quick and easy to find, too. That’s why we’ll try to answer your questions promptly when you call.

  • Questions about your policy? 0800 015 1013
  • Want to make a claim? 0800 158 3333

Please visit our contact page to find telephone numbers for other products.

Calls to and from Aviva may be monitored and/or recorded

Extra help, 24 hours a day

Don’t forget that, as a Speedy Diagnostics policyholder, you can also call our 24 hour GP helpline, and our 24 hour Stress Counselling.

  • 24 hour GP helpline 0800 068 5822
  • 24 hour Stress Counselling helpline 0800 092 3189

Any calls you make to our helplines are in complete confidence.

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