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As a valued customer we want to make sure that your health claim is simple and straightforward; especially when it comes to finding a specialist to suit your needs. MyHeathClaim does just that, and more, meaning that all you have to do is concentrate on getting better.

Watch the video below to see the features that you'll find within the MyHealthClaim app and how it can help you start your claim:

Video transcript

Introducing the new MyHealthClaim app from Aviva; a simple and easy to use app that helps you start your health insurance claim.

It features:

  • A Specialist finder tool – where you can view a selection of specialists that are available to you, whilst you're sat with your GP
  • a 4-step claims guide – to help you start your claim quickly and simply
  • we also have a Frequently asked questions section which covers questions regularly asked by our customers
  • and a Contact us section – where you can call directly from the app to make a claim or to find out more information.

So how does it work?….

Kate has been suffering with headaches for a while and knows something must be wrong.

She thinks that she might have to claim so she accesses the Aviva MyHealthClaim app.

The app says that she should see her GP on this occasion,...She makes an appointment for later that week.

Together with her GP, Kate uses the app to get the name of an appropriate specialist for her to see – this saves time for the GP and for Kate, as it means that she doesn’t have to keep going backward and forwards between her insurer and her GP to find somebody suitable.

Kate and her GP discuss the options provided on the app.

The GP writes her a referral letter, so that she can take it with her to the appointment with Dr Jones; her chosen specialist.

All Kate has to do is to phone Aviva to check her policy details, to make sure she’s covered. To make things easier, Kate is able to book an appointment with her chosen specialist during the same call

The appointment with Dr Jones soon comes round, and Kate is pleased with how quick and simple the referral process was at such a worrying time.

Remember, to check the exceptions box within the MyHealthClaim app to ensure you follow the correct claims process.

If you're on a company scheme that includes our BacktoBetter clinical case management service then you do not need to see your GP or use this app.

So if you're suffering from any musculoskeletal conditions, such as back, neck, muscle or joint pain – just call the customer service helpline to start your claim straight away.

Aviva’s MyHealthClaim app, helping you start a claim easily


MyHealthClaim includes:

If you are looking to make a claim on behalf of a child under 16 please ask your GP for a referral to a specific specialist, as children require specialist care at facilities with the appropriate expertise.


Download our app for on the go information on how to start your claim, use with your GP to search for a specialist and click to call access to our claims team. Download it now

  • MyHealthClaim app available on the Apple App Store
  • Get the MyHealthClaim app on Google play

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