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Sorry, the Specialist Finder Tool is currently unavailable. If you are in the process of getting a referral to a specialist from your GP, please ask for a referral letter that gives the specialism and sub-specialism needed, but doesn’t name a particular specialist, facility or hospital. Then contact us in the usual way and we can take you through your options over the phone.

Our Specialist Finder Tool enables you to choose a specialist from a selection of our recognised list. All specialists included in the tool adhere to our fee guidelines, meaning you will not have to pay a shortfall towards their fees, and by choosing a specialist from your hospital list you get the peace of mind of knowing that they are recognised under your policy.

We suggest that you read our user help page before starting your search.

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Specialist finder search

Specialist finder search

You can use your home or work postcode for your search; whichever is more convenient, and the specialists in your results will all be based within a 25 mile radius of that postcode.

If your list does not appear or you are unsure what hospital list you are covered on, please ask your GP for a referral letter that details the specialism and sub-specialism required, but does not name a specific specialist, hospital or facility. If you don’t select a hospital list the results will show specialists from the ‘Key’ hospital list by default.

Specialism is the branch of medicine to which your symptoms or condition relate. Oncology/cancer and psychiatric/mental health specialists are not included in the Specialist Finder Tool, so for these conditions please ask your GP to give you a referral letter for a specific specialist; including their specialism and sub-specialism.

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