MyHealthCounts is an online health questionnaire and programme which helps you understand more about your health and the lifestyle choices that impact it. It’s easy to follow and could help you achieve a discount off your renewal premium too.

Join MyHealthCounts now:

  • Use your log in code: MHC32 (you'll need your policy number and date of birth to register. You'll find your policy number on your policy documents)
  • Find out how healthy you are today by completing the online health assessment to get your initial Q score
  • To qualify for a discount of up to 15% off your renewal premium you must update your Q score between the start of month 6 and the end of month 9 of your policy year.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MyHealthCounts

How does MyHealthCounts work?

You spend just 10 to 15 minutes telling us about your health and lifestyle choices – things like what you eat and how much exercise you do. We’ll then calculate your Q score and offer personalised advice and tools that could help you improve you health.

How do I get 15% off my renewal premium?

Update your Q Score between month 6 and the end of month 9 of your policy year and you could qualify for up to 15% off your health insurance renewal.

Remember, the best way to update your Q score is by recording the little steps you take to improve your health. Our 12-week programme will help, making suggestions that could improve your Q score straight away as you keep a record of your progress.

Are MyHealthCounts discounts connected to my claims?

Any discounts are separate to your No Claim Discount, and we won't use any of the information provided through MyHealthCounts to settle a claim or underwrite your policy.

Will you use the medical information about me in any way?

No, we won't use your data to assess any claim you are currently making, or may make in the future. Nor will we use it to underwrite your policy. We only use it to help you save money, if you qualify for a discount.

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