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What TYPE OF SAVERare you?

Use our Financial Personality Profiler to find out exactly what kind of saver (or spender) you are and take the challenge to be smarter with your cash.

Discover your financial personality

What's good thinking when it comes to your cash?

We all save and spend in our own unique ways. And how we do it depends on different things - learned habits, innate skills, or simply how much money we have in the bank.

Our new Financial Personality Profiler will help you understand more about yourself and your finances. We don’t believe in changing your personality, but we do believe that a little know-how goes a long way.

It’s about good thinking - in a way that completely makes sense to you.

What is the UK's financial personality?

We asked 5,000 people about their spending and saving habits. How do you stack up against them?

What's your financial personality?

Start the Financial Personality Profiler

Financial personality groups created by Future Foundation, an independent consumer trends agency. Research sample: 5,007 online respondents aged 16+, UK, 5th-15th February 2016.

Two families go head to head

Who are the smartest savers? Watch the Aviva Savings Challenge in action

Video transcript

In this experiment we take two families with different saving habits. We move these two families into the same house and challenge them to save smarter and make more of their disposable income.

The family who saves the most will win the lump sum for their saving goal. These high stakes will add a fierce level of competition from the families and a real desire to change their ways and learn to save smarter.

SUPER: The Aviva Savings Challenge

VO: We challenged two families with different saving habits to go head to head to find out who could become the smartest savers.

We see the Erler Jones family walking down the street.

SUPER: The Erler-Jones Family

We see the two families face to face in front of the house with determined looks on their faces.

SUPER: The Harris’ Family

We then see a montage of moments of the families going head to head in the challenges.

The Harris’s around the dining table with their first challenge.

SIMON: Household shopping at the local market

The Erler-Jones at the shopping mall.

DEVI: Clothes shopping…Yes!

Kipp smells the money!

SIMON: There’s always temptation to spend money

In a head to head family shot around the dining table

FINLAY: May the best family win

We see a pile of money in notes and coins on the wooden table quickly disappearing to nothing.

Cut to Charlie indoors counting money, while Glen is chasing chickens in the background. He taps on the patio door to show he managed to get an egg.

CHARLIE: You know I am reluctant to change who I am

The Harris’s in the saver store looking for deals.

KAREN: I am not washing my hair in that

Aviva Diary Cam Footage.

LILA: Today was, let’s just say…stressful

Glen and Charlie fight over the temperature in the house. Glen turns it up when Charlie is not looking.

CHARLIE: Every penny counts in this challenge

Cut to Karen using one tea bag more 3 cups of tea

KAREN: I’ll be absolutely gutted if we lose

The families receive their next challenge and Karen holds up a card saying ‘Family Day Out’

KIPP: A family day out!

Cut to the Harris family on a boat having lunch on their day out. Brandon and Finlay looked unhappy about the plain sandwiches they have to eat.

SIMON: Sometimes you have to make sacrifices

LEGAL SUPER APPEARS: The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back what you invested. The Aviva stocks and shares ISA is provided by Aviva Wrap UK Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Reference Number 231530.

The Erler Jones ordering food for their fancy lunch.

CHARLIE: Do you realise how much money we spend when we go out?

Simon is back at the house using the indoor bike to power the bike.

KIPP: Do you want to win this?

BENJI: Come on do it for the team!

We see the Erler-Jones family sitting together in the living room using the Aviva financial personality tool on the tablet.

VO: Visit Aviva.co.uk to find out what kind of saver you are

We see the Harris family using the tablet to look at Stocks and Shares ISA’s.

VO: and see how we can help you save smarter.

ENDFRAME: Aviva. Good Thinking. URL: aviva.co.uk/goodthinking

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