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Safer Drivers could save

Put your driving skills to the test with Aviva Drive, where safer drivers could make great savings on their car insurance.

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Monitor your driving with the free app and once you’ve done 200 miles you’ll get a score out of 10 based on your cornering, braking and acceleration skills.

We expect 40% of safer drivers who score 7.1 or above to save an average of £170 or more on our comprehensive car insurance -all thanks to the Aviva Drive app.*

  • Aviva Drive app available on the Apple App Store
  • Get the Aviva Drive app on Google play

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Don’t pay for other people’s bad driving

Video transcript

All the footage in this film is shot for real, using hidden cameras. The extreme driving element will be created on a closed off road where all the vehicles involved will be carefully choreographed by professional stunt drivers. Only the passengers in the back of the taxi will think the driving is real. All the passengers know is that they’re in a cab on their way to an event.

At the start of this film we see a silver Mercedes taxi speed towards camera and skid. As it drives the warning title is on screen.


At the start of this film we see ex Formula 1 driver David Coulthard in a make up trailer being disguised using prosthetics.

VO: Today ex-formula 1 driver David Coulthard is helping us with an experiment.

The taxi pulls up to the side of a road and stops.


We cut to see an unrecognisable David adjusting his moustache as he sits behind the wheel of the taxi. We see our two passengers get in the back.


DAVID: Hi there


DAVID: Where to, guys?

MALE PASSENGER: Station, please

David puts the car into reverse and accelerates.


We cut to a rear arch angle shot as David puts the car into reverse and accelerates. We see our male passenger looking surprised. Instantly, and to his passengers’ surprise, David’s driving becomes fast and increasingly reckless.

We see various angles and shots of the car as it quickly swerves around the road. We also cut between reactions of the passengers.

We see the passengers get a little concerned as David cuts up several other cars before turning into a one-way street going the wrong way. He ignores the protest from his passengers as he mounts the curb narrowly missing an oncoming car.

By now our passengers are freaking out as David handbrakes around a corner at speed squashing them up against each other in the back.

DAVID: Is it left or right on the roundabout?

He speeds over the middle of a mini roundabout, which causes the car to literally take off.

We can hear various shouts and screams of the passengers.

The driving continues to get more extreme as David clips a kerb causing the car to go up on two wheels.


David drives through a construction site at speed sending road workers running. Finally, David begrudgingly pulls over at the side of the road. We see our passengers smiling, glad the journey is over.

FEMALE PASSENGER: *breathes a sigh of relief*

LEGAL SUPER: Discount on 1st car per direct Aviva comprehensive policy. Depends on score & premium – min £200. 40% scoring 7.1 saved £170 or more (1/1/16 – 30/09/16). Excl. optional extras. Compatible handset required.

DAVID: That’s £53 please

As the passengers get out of the car a film crew appears to let them know that it was all an experiment as David appears behind them revealing who he is. We see David laughing with them about his bad driving.

VO: Paying for other people’s bad driving? There’s no excuse for that.

DAVID: I hope you enjoyed the ride…

MALE PASSENGER: It’s David Coulthard!

VO: At Aviva, safer drivers could save an average of £170 on our car insurance.

VO: Download the Aviva Drive App to see if you could save.

Don’t pay for other people’s bad driving

There’s no excuse for having to pay for other people’s bad driving – so why pay more for your car insurance to cover the cost of all those less-than-careful drivers out there?

To test the theory, we sent unsuspecting members of the public on a taxi ride with a difference. Our cabby displayed some seriously questionable driving that left his passengers wishing they’d caught the bus instead. Find out what happened when he asked for the fare – and see exactly why we think you shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s distracted, dangerous and downright dodgy driving.

Will you make the Brake Pledge to #DriveSafer?

As proud sponsors of Road Safety Week, we’re asking you to make the Brake Pledge. It calls for people to drive less and, if they do drive, to do everything they can to protect themselves and the people around them. Anyone can sign, whether you’re a driver or not.

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*Based on policies bought direct from Aviva between January and September 2016. Discount is available on first car per policy and depends on score and price - minimum £200. Discount does not apply to optional extras. Compatible handset required. Data charges may apply.

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