Home of Health

Welcome to Aviva’s Home of Health. Here you’ll find out more about your current levels of health and fitness – and how you could improve them. Read our Home of Health guides and use our tools and calculators to find out more about your wellbeing. We’re happy to help…

Aviva Health 100

Complete our Aviva Health 100 quiz on Facebook to find out what your health score is and see you how you compare to our sports stars!

You can also get health and fitness tips from our experts as well as a programme to get you healthier.

Health Tools & Calculators

Find out what you want to know about everyday things like ‘How much should I weigh?’, and ‘When’s my baby due?’ with our Health Tools and Calculators…

Medical Centre

Find out more about everyday ailments and ways to prevent ill health. Our Medical Centre also holds information about waiting times at your local hospital…

Nutrition Centre

We know that eating a balanced diet is good for us, but what does that really mean? Discover more about food and fitness in our Nutrition Centre…

Fitness Centre

Our Cancer Pledge

We understand the importance of providing extensive cover and support at every stage of cancer treatment. Our cancer pledge means we’ll cover the cancer treatment and palliative care required, as recommended by a specialist, should you ever have to make a cancer claim.

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