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Health of the Nation 2011

Welcome to Health of the Nation, our bi-annual comprehensive study of GPs’ views on the nation’s health.

Since 2003, we’ve been asking GPs for their views on our National Health Service, their own practices, trends they’re seeing in the UK’s health issues and patient’s attitudes towards health and wellbeing.

This year we’ve also asked GPs to feedback their detailed and personal views on the impact of the Health and Social Care Bill – one of the most radical proposed reforms in over 60 years. Our findings are significant, offering a clear insight to the need for more patient-focused solutions all round…

Key findings:

  • Over half of GPs (51%) say they have no confidence in the Government’s plans for reform.
  • Almost three in five (57%) worry they don't have enough time with their patients
  • 54% of GPs feel that their working hours will increase over the next 5 years.
  • Over half of GPs (54%) say current budget rules prevent them offering services to their patients.
  • The vast majority (88%) of GPs spend up to a quarter of their time dealing with minor medical issues that don’t need to be seen by either a nurse or a GP.

GPs clearly have their patients’ welfare at heart. While it seems that some of the less challenging issues of previous years have come to the fore in the last 12 months, their focus remains the same: securing the right amount of patient-focused time, having the decision-making authority, and maintaining a position from which to provide high quality appropriate care to those most in need.

Not surprisingly, the Government’s position suggests that the proposed reform programme could be pivotal in giving those patients more say in their care, promoting a better understanding of health and highlighting steps that can be taken to manage it effectively. With the GPs concerns in mind then, it could be an important step in building productive, health-oriented relationships and overcoming some of the challenges identified in this report – but efficient and effective execution will be key.

Would you like to see more details?

For more information, we encourage you to download the full Health of the Nation report (PDF 539KB). Hard copies are also available by request, from

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