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As a sole trader, working on your own, it’s good to keep costs down. But it’s also important to make sure you have plans in place that will help you get back to work quickly if you’re ill or injured. So why not think about having a relatively low cost alternative to our more extensive private health insurance? That way, you’ll still have peace of mind, but you’ll also save on those all-important overheads. We have two products – both with lower premiums and reduced levels of cover – that we’d like to tell you more about…

Speedy Diagnostics

Speedy Diagnostics is a straightforward, affordable way to get prompt access to consultants and diagnostic tests. That means you can concentrate on finding out what’s wrong and getting better, without worrying about waiting lists. There’s no cover for treatment, but you can read more about the levels of diagnostic cover included on our dedicated Speedy Diagnostics pages

My Health Cash Plan

A little help goes a long way, when it comes to covering the costs of essential, expected healthcare costs – things like dentists or opticians bills, or prescription charges. A health cash plan is simple to set up, and easy to use. Find out more on our My Health Cash Plan pages, and see how this relatively low cost option could help you cope with the costs of routine healthcare…

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