Making a claim

If there has been an emergency it's always better to call us on 0345 030 6945 so we can help you as soon as possible (lines are open 24/7).

Examples of emergency situations when it's always best to call

  • Your home is unsecure, for example due to damage to locks, doors or windows
  • There is standing water in your home caused by flooding
  • There is ongoing dripping or leaking water
  • There is any risk of injury to you or anyone else from things like falling masonry or electrocution
  • Your home is uninhabitable

Tell us about a claim online now

Getting ready to claim

Having the right information to hand when you're telling us about a claim on your home insurance will really help us process your claim. Here's what's likely to be useful:

Your insurance policy number (unless you are logged in to MyAviva)

Photos of damaged or lost property - you can upload these when you tell us about a claim online. For damage to buildings, it is helpful to show detail and also shots from further away to show where the damage is

Receipts, quotes or invoices where appropriate - you can upload photos or document files (e.g. Word, pdf) when you tell us about a claim online

An estimate of the size of the affected area of damage to buildings and carpets. It can also be helpful to know the sizes of any affected rooms

Tell us about a claim online now

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