Expert help when you need it most

For just £27 per year we will provide professional advice, and if necessary, funding to pursue or defend legal claims including:

  • Property claims such as against noisy neighbours or for boundary disputes
  • Employment disputes such as unfair dismissal or discrimination at work
  • Personal injury, food poisoning and accidental injury which is someone else's fault
  • Consumer disputes such as the purchase of a faulty car or breach of contract by a holiday company
  • Medical negligence by someone responsible for your clinical care such as doctors, dentists or cosmetic treatment practitioners

Reasons you might want this cover:

  • Access to professional advice
  • All legal fees paid up to £100,000
  • You keep all of your compensation if you win
  • All of your family living with you can use

What's not covered

Your claim must have more than a 50:50 chance of being successful, as assessed by our lawyer. If the prospects are initially better than 50:50 but later fall below this, we'll stop paying costs and expenses toward it with immediate effect.

More information

Legal services policy wording (PDF 438KB)

The policy document provides full details of what is and isn't covered. Details shown are only intended as a guide.

Useful information about legal disputes

Are you already in a legal dispute or just want some more information about your legal rights?

Find out more

Please be aware that legal services will not cover a claim you knew was likely to happen before you purchased this insurance.

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