Expert help when you need it most

For just £27 per year we will provide a lawyer, if you need one, and funding to pursue or defend legal claims including:

  • Property claims such as against noisy neighbours or for boundary disputes
  • Employment disputes such as unfair dismissal or discrimination at work
  • Personal injury, food poisoning and accidental injury which is someone else's fault
  • Consumer disputes such as the purchase of a faulty car or breach of contract by a holiday company
  • Medical negligence by someone responsible for your clinical care such as doctors, dentists or cosmetic treatment practitioners

Reasons you might want this cover:

  • Guaranteed access to a lawyer
  • All legal fees paid up to £100,000
  • You keep all of your compensation if you win
  • All of your family living with you can use

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Useful information about legal disputes

Are you already in a legal dispute or just want some more information about your legal rights?

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Please be aware that legal services will not cover a claim you knew was likely to happen before you purchased this insurance.

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