Old-fashioned low cost family fun

We know it can be expensive to raise children. We’re always on the lookout for new low cost activities that will help you get the most out of family life. But it doesn’t have to be ‘new’ new, to be fun. Sometimes, old-fashioned play is still the best kind! Try these ideas...

Tip 1

Recycle. From washing up bottle rockets and sock-snakes to egg-box beetles and shoebox guitars, almost anything that’s heading for the bin can provide plenty of creative fun.

Tip 2

Go on a wildlife trail. Borrow a ‘bug trail’ library book and head out for some fresh air. With wildlife everywhere, even the tiniest toddlers can get involved making a note of the creatures, birds and insects they spot.

Tip 3

Make an indoor racing track with masking tape – you can even get creative with where the track takes you, over cushions or even through the fruit bowl and round a banana.

Tip 4

Decorate your own crowns and become Kings and Queens for the day.

Tip 5

Vegetable prints. Find some old clothes they can dress up in, and then let your children create masterpieces from a selection of vegetable chunks and some bright poster paints.

Tip 6

Make washing up finger puppets. A felt pen’s all you need to pop a cheery face on each finger. With a theatre made out of a cereal box, you can put a show on for the whole family.

Tip 7

Flower pressing. Find some wild flowers (don’t pick them all, save a few for other people), then press them between squares of paper and cardboard. You can make cards and bookmarks when they have dried out.

Tip 8

Grab some thick chalks and play games outside. Hopscotch and Noughts and Crosses are always fun to play on the drive or patio!

Tip 9

Make a den. Supermarkets often have large cardboard boxes you’re welcome to take away, free of charge. A couple of blankets and a few chairs? That’s a real hideout!

Tip 10

Hill rolling. Climb to the top of the tallest hill you can find and roll all the way down to the bottom. Race against each other to make it even more fun!

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