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£15,000 free life insurance for 1 year - for each parent with a child under 4

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That's £15,000 each for mums and dads

At Aviva, we're here to help protect what matters most to you. And what could matter more than your family? We’re giving each parent £15,000 free life insurance as a first step towards protecting your family. There's no purchase necessary and there are absolutely no strings attached.

A free life insurance policy – easy to set up, and protect what matters most today.

  • Cover lasts for 12 months from acceptance and pays out £15,000 if a parent covered dies during this time.
  • It takes just a few minutes to apply and cover will start as soon as you've completed the short application process.
  • You can take out the plan once your child has been born and before they are four years old.
  • No payment is needed and we won't request bank account or credit card details.
  • Rest assured any personal information included on your Free Parent Life Cover application will not be sold onto a third party, your details are safe with us.

Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply – please see the Important Plan Information (PDF 87KB).

Is £15,000 enough?

£15,000 of cover is a help towards protecting your family but it may not provide the financial reassurance you need. It's important to review your full life cover requirements.

Cost of raising a young child

Video transcript

The cost of a five-year-old…

As every mum and dad will know, a bundle of joy can also means a bundle of expenses….

According to Aviva research, parents spend around £35,000 on their children by the time they reach their fifth birthday.

Parents typically spend £7,026 a year - or £586 a month – on essentials and indulgences for their youngsters.

This adds up to a total of more than £28 billion* spent on the nation’s 4 million under-fives each year.

The cost of raising children to the age of five also differs widely across the country, with parents in London paying an average of £894 per month – or £10,732 a year – compared to a more modest £408 a month (or £4,901 annually) in Wales.

Parents feel under considerable pressure to spend on their little ones. One in five say they feel compelled to spend in order to keep up with other parents.

However only one in seven admit to giving in to their children’s demands and buying things they don’t really need.

But there’s good news too as many parents with 0-5s have made financial plans for their children’s futures… more than half (52%) have opened a savings account in their children’s names, while 37% have opened a junior ISA or Child Trust Fund.

And four out of 10 (42%) parents of 0-5s have planned for the unexpected by taking out life insurance.

And for those who are thinking about life cover, Aviva offers £15,000 of free life cover for a year to parents who register before their child’s fourth birthday. To find out more about family protection and to see if you can get free life cover, visit

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