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Frequently asked questions

How the app works

What does the MyAviva app do?

With the MyAviva app you can:

  • Enjoy offers and competitions with Aviva Advantages
  • View a summary of your policy details in one place
  • Renew your car or home policy and set renewal reminders
  • Find contact details for our products
  • View some helpful videos including informative health clips and tips for around the home
  • Exchange policy details after a motor accident

Which phones are supported?

Supported phones:

  • iPhone 4 and above with operating system iOS 7 and above.
  • Most Android phones with operating systems version 4 and above.

Will the app work on Blackberry and Windows phones?

Currently the app is not available on Blackberry or Windows phones.

Is there an iPad/tablet version of the app?

We launched our iPad/tablet version in May 2015.

What other apps does Aviva have?

What can I do in the app if I am not a customer?

You can:

  • Get quotes for our most popular products including Motor, Home, Travel, Health and Life insurance
  • Find contact details for our products
  • View some helpful videos including informative health clips and tips for around the home.

What is MyAviva account?

MyAviva website brings together the products that help you protect your life, your health, your loved ones, your future and your possessions into one helpful, secure and simple-to-use place.

You can register for an account on the MyAviva website.

Managing your MyAviva account via the app

What if I haven't registered on MyAviva yet?

If you havent registered you can still use the app to get quotes on some of our most popular products, view contact details and review exclusive offers for Aviva customers. To register for the app please visit the MyAviva account registration.

What if my MyAviva account is locked?

Don't worry, click on the link in the app account lock screen and follow the questions provided, to unlock your account.

What if I have changed my MyAviva account details and I have already registered on the app?

If your MyAviva username has changed, you can simply amend this on the app log in screen and log in with your existing PIN number.

If your MyAviva password has changed, you do not need to amend anything on the app, just log in with your existing PIN number.

What do I do if I have forgotten my MyAviva account details?

If you have not registered on the app yet, you can go to the app registration screen and select the link for "Forgotten your details", and follow the steps to get access to your account.

If you have already registered on the app, you can go to the app log in screen and select the link for "Forgotten your details?", and follow the steps to get access to your account.

What happens if I forget my PIN, or want to reset it?

You can reset your PIN using the app. Go to the log in screen, and select Reset PIN. We will then ask you to re-confirm your MyAviva account username and password, and set a new 5 digit PIN number.

Why can't I change my PIN number on MyAviva account site?

Your PIN number is unique to your phone, so you can only reset it using your phone.

Trouble shooting

How do I close the app if it's crashed/frozen on an iPhone?

For iOS 6 users: Come out of the app by double clicking the 'Home button'. A separate menu will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to the 'MyAviva' app and hold down the icon until you see a 'close' button appear. Select the 'close' button in the top left hand corner of the icon and then restart the app.

For iOS 7 users: Come out of the app by double clicking the 'Home button'. A separate menu will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to the 'MyAviva' app and swish the screen upwards to close the app. Then reopen the app to restart it.

Which of my policies are available on MyAviva app?

  • Car, van, breakdown, motorcycle, travel and home insurance bought direct from us
  • Life insurance, investment bonds, pensions and annuities
  • Private health insurance (except company policies)

We're continually adding more of these types of policies to MyAviva, so don't worry if you can't see yours yet.

Why can't I see all of my policies?

We need to ask some extra data protection questions on your MyAviva account in order to see policies that contain investment information. Please visit your MyAviva account for more information.

Can I share my app with other MyAviva account users?

No. Your phone is registered with your MyAviva account only. If your friends or family wish to view their own policies they will need to download the app onto their own phone.

I have changed phones, so why do I have to register again?

For your added security, we register a unique phone ID to your MyAviva account. If you change phones, you will need to register again so we can add the new phone ID to your account.

Can you make changes to my policies via the app?

You can't make changes to your policies via the app. To manage your policy please visit the MyAviva website. Please note that in some cases you may need to call us to make policy changes.

Can I renew my policies via the app?

Yes, you can renew your home and car insurance policies via the app by clicking on the policy summary section.

Renewal reminders

Renewal reminders - When can I set a renewal reminder for my car or home policy?

You can set a reminder on the Policy details page up to 2 days before your renewal is due. There will be two reminder events created on your phone (14 days and 2 days before).

Renewal reminders - I have removed the reminders from my phone, but I cannot set a new reminder on the app now?

A renewal reminder can only be set via the app once for every renewal year. Removing the reminders from your phone will not reset the reminder function on the app.


What is Xchange?

The Xchange function on the app allows you to share your policy details via text or email after a motor accident.

What personal details are shared when I use the Xchange function?

By texting or emailing using the Xchange function you will share your name, policy number, vehicle details and registration with the third party who has been involved in the accident.

Am I notifying a claim by using the Xchange feature on the app?

Don't worry you're not registering a claim when using the Xchange feature. This function is purely to help you swap details. We may give you a courtesy call to see if you require any help.

Aviva Advantages

Do I need to be an Aviva customer to benefit from the offers?

Yes. The offers on this site are only open to current Aviva direct insurance customers.

Is there a limit on the number of offers I can obtain?

There is no limit on the number of offers you can apply for. There may be restrictions on how often you can use the voucher/code on some offers, please read the terms and conditions for each offer.

Life insurance estimator

What is the life insurance estimator?

It's a really quick way to get an idea of how much life insurance might cost you without filling in any forms.

How accurate is the price given?

The estimator gives a general idea of price but makes various assumptions so should only be used as an initial guide and your actual cost may vary.

Can I use it for joint life estimates?

No, the estimator only gives single life prices but additional lives can be added in the full quote journey.

How do I find out more about life insurance?

Multi product discounts

How do I get a multi product discount?

You must be logged in to receive a multi product discount via the app and already hold at least one policy with us. You can also use our 'Contact Us' section and speak to us directly about multi product discounts.