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Are you saving?

Are you saving?

Typical British families are saving more than before. But just how much are families managing to save?

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Making a bucket list, really?

Making a bucket list, really?

Have you made a bucket list? Would you know how to help someone start theirs, and what makes a good list – great?

So what are the chances of winning the lottery?

So what are the chances of winning the lottery?

Like a flutter? Some things are worth a gamble, definitely. But what are the odds of winning anything – ever? Well, w...

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Aviva Family Finances Report 2013

Home values are on the up and the country's economy is bouncing back. Good news for every family that's firmly focuse...

Childminders looking after your children

Childminding. Childminders. Choosing a childminder. They’re words to excite most new parents, but making the choice, ...

Friends looking after your children

If you’re looking at an informal set-up, then ‘friends’ may be a great idea. All that support, all that reassurance, ...

House prices – the ups and downs

Is it a good idea to get excited about UK prices going up? Maybe, but then again maybe not…

Aviva Family Finances Report 2014

Our report explores the changing face of the UK family in a journey through time to show the stark contrast of family...

Grandparents looking after children

If you have young children, you want to make sure they’re safe and happy if they’re spending time in childcare. So, w...

How does the cost of sending a child to school add up?

As the cost of living rises, so too does the cost of schooling. More than one in four parents have bought an iPad or ...

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