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A guide to pilates

A guide to pilates

Created in the 1900s by German Joseph Pilates, this exercise system combines aspects of martial arts, yoga and a mixture of Western workouts.

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Warm up and warm down

Warm up and warm down

A warm up helps you focus on getting the most out of your activity. A warm down is essential, as it helps your body r...

Fitness goals, what are yours?

Fitness goals, what are yours?

If you ask most people, ‘what are your fitness goals?’ the answers will usually be along the lines of, “I’d like to l...

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Aviva Health Check UK Report

Everyone wants to be healthy. That’s one of the reasons why ‘health’ is big business in the UK. Many people suffer fr...

Compartmentalise: Leave stress at the door

When it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, knowing how to compartmentalise is absolutely vital.

Fitness at Fifty

Just because you’re 50, doesn’t mean you're 'old'. But it is a good idea to think about your health and fitness as yo...

How does your sickness policy stack up?

Business is booming again, or so they say. But employees’ illness or injuries can still have a devastating effect on ...

Cardiovascular exercise for everyone

Cardiovascular activity is anything that increases your heart rate for a period of time, gets more oxygen into your b...

Easy exercise, everywhere

The truth is, ‘easy’ low-impact activity can be very effective at improving your health and fitness over a period of ...

Handy bits of kit for runners

Gadgets and running kit can help to improve the experience of jogging in an array of different ways, including making...

How much would private health care cost without insurance?

Let’s try to answer a very painful question: how do private health care costs stack up in terms of value against priv...

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