Easy exercise, everywhere

Easy exercise, everywhere

The truth is, ‘easy’ low-impact activity can be very effective at improving your health and fitness over a period of time. And some activities – such as social swimming, yoga, Pilates or even walking with friends – are good for a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body.

  • Child’s play If you have children, there’s no excuse. (OK, there are exceptions to every rule.) But in general, children are a great reason to stop what you’re doing, and get active. Use a skipping rope, chase them round the garden – or front room – tickle them, get them moving, and you’ll be burning calories too.
  • Cycle home Not everyone can afford gym equipment. But ‘freebie’ exchange websites often have ‘unwanted’ exercise machines – taking up room, in someone else’s house. While they’re not getting fit, you could be. Set up a bike in your front room, and swap the sofa for a cycle-ride ... 
  • Take the stairs You’ve heard this one before. But it’s true. While it’s quite natural to take a lift or an escalator to the next floor, just think how many calories you could burn every day if you choose to take the stairs – and you’ll be toning your legs and bottom, too.
  • Walk the walk Whatever you’re doing during the day, it’s good to take a break. Recharge. Eat something healthy, and stretch your legs for half an hour. Even fifteen minutes of brisk walking is an excellent way to improve your fitness levels over time, as long as you make it a regular part of your routine. 
  • Seriously, walk the walk Walking works. A few steps extra are easy to do, all it takes is commitment on your part. Parking on the ‘other side’ of the car park only takes a moment, whether it’s a shopping trip or a trip to work. Walking to speak with a colleague, rather than send them an email? Good for you, and good for office morale too.
  • Just be active! There are several ‘dancercise’ classes available and most supermarkets sell ‘Dance DVDs’ quite cheaply. But why not pop the radio on, and do a little exercise in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Pick three favourite tracks, if you have an MP3 player – that’s enough for a mini-workout.

Remember, it’s important to increase exercise levels slowly if you haven’t been active for a while. We recommed checking in with your GP if you have any doubts about adding to your exercise routines.

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