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Advice on the Icelandic volcano situation

Advice on the Icelandic volcano situation

The Bardabunga Volcano in Iceland is on amber alert and there is a very real risk of eruption and subsequent impacts ...

Brits relying on holidays to spend quality time with extended family and friends

It seems jetting off abroad for some time-out from home life is now a thing of the past. New research by us reveals t...

Information on healthcare in Europe

Information on healthcare in Europe

Remember the old E111 form? It gave you access to free or reduced-cost state provided emergency medical treatment for...

Prepare to relax on holiday

Holidays should be relaxing. And the best way to stay relaxed is by preparing well. So we’ve put together this little...

Avoiding the threat of terrorism

Keep checking the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice. The unpredictability of current world events means that we ha...

Extended holidays

Extended holidays

If you intend to stay overseas for a few months then long-stay travel insurance is essential. Aviva can offer an e...

Our verdict on the top 10 beaches

Our verdict on the top 10 beaches

I'll have a banana daiquiri please! Is it ever possible to get bored of clear ocean, golden sand and the often spect...

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