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Mr Green’s windfall


by Roger Marsden
Head of Retirement Solutions Products and Services

How many church wardens does it take to find a lost annuity customer? I’m talking about a specific customer here – let’s call him Mr Green, though that’s not his real name. Anyway, last we knew our Mr Green lived in a small village in Ireland. So, hoping he may still live in the area, we called the church warden at the local parish.

‘Have you seen Mr Green?’ we asked.

‘No,’ he said. ‘But there’s another parish of the same name you could try. Here, I’ll give you the number… ’

 The warden at the second parish couldn’t help either: ‘Never heard of your Mr Green,’ she said. ‘But the old warden still lives in the parish, maybe he could help.’

And so, ‘Have you seen Mr Green?’ we asked our third warden of the day. 

‘Mr Green? He lives just down the road,’ he said. ‘I’ll nip over and ask him to give you a call, if you like.’

So Mr Green called us the next day, and he was glad he did too.

You see, Mr Green was one of our lost annuity customers (usually this happens when people move house and switch banks without letting us know).  It’s farcical, really, that it took three church wardens to help us find Mr Green, but it was worth it. It meant we could reunite him with his annuity and his missed payments. And Mr Green isn’t alone. We’ve returned a total of over three quarters of a million pounds to lost annuity customers since January 2012.

How much have you got to gain?

This good news story follows my recent blog about the billions of pounds languishing in lost or forgotten pensions.  It makes you wonder just how much cash is floating around out there unclaimed by rightful owners. And is any of it yours?  Well, you’ll never know if you don’t check, so visit Age UK to find out how to trace lost money of all descriptions. What have you got to lose? More to the point: what have you got to gain?  

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