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Retiring due to ill health

If you're ill, you may find that you have to retire earlier than you expected. Dealing with ill health and retiring at the same time can be difficult, but we can help you through it.

If you have a pension plan with Aviva, then call us on 0800 533 5195 for an information pack that will take you through the options available to you.

If you don't have a pension plan with Aviva, then call your pension provider to ask them for information on retiring.

You're likely to get a higher income

Did you know that you may be able to get a higher income through enhanced benefits with a pension annuity? Most people think they will get less for their money if they are ill, but with annuities the opposite is usually true.

If you or your dependant have or have had such medical conditions as stroke, heart disease, cancer or diabetes, we may be able to give you a higher income as your or your dependant's life expectancy may be shorter.

Not all forms of these conditions will qualify you for enhanced benefits. Please call us if you want to know if your condition qualifies. We also take into account such things as smoking, height and weight.

Meet Peter

Read about Peter and how an annuity with enhanced benefits meant a higher income than he was expecting.

What do I do now?

Fill in and return the personal information form in the information pack, giving us as much detail as you can about your situation. The more you tell us about your lifestyle and any medical conditions you have, the better, as we will be able to give you a tailored quote that best reflects your circumstances and you may get a higher income.

We've developed a Pension Annuity Calculator to give you a good idea of how much income you could get from your pension fund. The calculator also helps you understand what options could be right for you, whatever your health or lifestyle.

Pension Annuity Calculator

See how much income you could get from your pension fund.

Call us if you're terminally ill

If you have an Aviva pension plan and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, please give us a call on 0800 533 5195 for information on your options. For example, you may be able to take all of your pension fund as one lump sum, which could go a long way to easing your money worries and making you more comfortable.

If you don't have an Aviva pension plan speak with your pension provider or your financial adviser.

Check your benefits

If you are currently receiving any state benefits, they may be affected if you take early retirement. Check what could happen with your local benefits office or online at

Get help from an expert

Buying an annuity is an important decision, we strongly recommend that you talk to a financial adviser before you do anything. For advice and information on your retirement options and annuities, contact your financial adviser. Don't have a financial adviser? Find one near you at

Call us to find out more

You can speak to one of our team for information about annuities by calling 0808 256 5442. Or you can arrange for us to call you back at a time that suits you.

Related FAQs

What are enhanced benefits?

Enhanced benefits can offer a higher income to people who are affected by certain medical and lifestyle conditions. If you or your dependant suffer from or have suffered from any of a number of defined conditions, it's likely that you or they may not live as long. This means that your annuity will probably not have to stretch over as many years, so you can get a higher income. You will receive an income from your pension annuity with enhanced benefits for as long as you live. This income may continue after your death depending on the options you have chosen.

What is the information pack and how can I get hold of one?

All pension providers send their pension customers a statement giving them the value of their pension fund as they approach retirement. The statement is usually accompanied by:

  • Information on what you should do to convert your pension fund to an income
  • An application form for an annuity
  • General information on the options available to you when you retire.

At Aviva, we contact our pension customers five months before their retirement date and again two months before. If you have an Aviva pension plan and would like an information pack now, please call us on 0800 533 5195.

If you have a pension plan with another provider, call them and ask for information on retiring.

Which medical and lifestyle conditions do you consider for enhanced benefits?

You can find a list of the medical conditions we consider for enhanced benefits in the Enhanced Pension Annuity conditions list (PDF 70KB) (PDF 70KB).

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