Our cancer cover

Our cancer pledge

We understand the importance of providing extensive cover and support at every stage of cancer treatment. Our cancer pledge means we’ll cover the cancer treatment and palliative care required, as recommended by a specialist, should you ever have to make a cancer claim.

We also want to make things as comfortable as possible during cancer treatment, so we’ll provide extensive cover for aftercare, including consultations with a dietician, as well as money towards prostheses and wigs.

What is covered for cancer treatment?

The following table shows what is covered for cancer treatment. The cover options selected on your policy will be applied in the normal way for any claims made. You are fully covered when you use a specialist within our fee guidelines and a hospital on your chosen list. When recommended by your specialist and agreed by us the below treatment is covered. This is just a summary of the cover, for full details please refer to the terms and conditions (PDF 2.06MB).

From 2 July 2012 we removed the limits on our ‘reduced out-patient’ options for cancer claims and we’ve back dated this to 1 January 2012 when we introduced our cancer pledge. This means that if you’ve chosen a ‘reduced out-patient’ option on your policy, we won’t apply the specified limits to any treatment received after cancer has been diagnosed.

Cancer treatment:

  Our pledge Previous Current
Radiotherapy and chemotherapy Radiotherapy is the use of high energy x-rays and similar rays to treat a disease. Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to treat cancer. There are no limits on radiotherapy and chemotherapy (hormone therapy is only covered to shrink a tumour). In Full In Full
Targeted drug therapies Targeted therapies are the drugs that target cells to block the growth and spread of cancer. We place no limits on clinically proven and licensed drugs. 12 months In Full
Side effects / sickness drugs Side effects and sickness drugs — some cancer treatment can cause sickness, nausea and other side effects. During cancer treatment we will cover any medication needed to treat the side effects. In Full In Full
Bisphosphonates and bone scans Bisphosphonates — these are drugs that help keep bones strong during cancer treatment. Bone Scans look for any changes in bones. We place no limits on these drugs and scans. Not Covered In Full
Stem cell and bone marrow transplants Stem cells produce blood and other types of cells within the body. Some cancers can be treated by replacing stem cells which are collected from the blood or from bone marrow. We place no limits on stem cell or bone marrow transplants; this includes collection from a donor. In Full In Full
Experimental treatment Experimental treatment, is where there is minimal or no evidence that it is beneficial. In these cases we pay the equivalent cost of the established treatment in this country.
Not very many things are treated as experimental by us, some cancers need unlicensed treatments — we will pay in full if there is enough medical information to support their use.
In Full In Full

Plus more cover for “additional care” items:

  Our pledge Previous Current
Rehabilitation Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to aid recovery — we place no limits on the type or amount of rehabilitation needed for customers with full cover policies. Limited Cover In Full
Specialist nursing Specialist nursing may be needed to support cancer patients — we place no limits on the type or amount of specialist nursing, described in the policy. Limited Cover In Full
Prostheses Prostheses are used to replace a part of the body — we’ll pay up to £5000 for external prosthesis when needed. Internal prostheses are covered in full. Internal – In full
External – limited cover
Internal – In full
External – £5000 towards
Wigs Some chemotherapy treatments can result in hair loss — we’ll pay £100 towards the cost of a wig. Not Covered £100 towards
End of life care For some people, there will come a time when they need hospice or care at home. We have increased the donations we will make to hospices and charities. We will also cover hospital stays when it is medically necessary. Hospice / Charity Donation £70 per day limited to 10 days Hospice / Charity Donation £100 per day – up to a maximum of £10,000. Nursing Services – £50 per day – up to a maximum of £10,000
Monitoring When a customer has finished treatment we will pay for monitoring for up to 10 years to check that the cancer has not returned. We do not pay for monitoring after treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer. Up to 5 years Up to 10 years

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