I'm approaching retirement

Helping you plan your retirement

Taking money from my pension fund

Find out what your options are if you want to take cash from your pension fund – and how it might affect your tax position.

Transferring your pension

How to transfer your pension with another provider to us.

How much will I have to live on?

Think about how much income you’ll have, how long it could last and what you’ll have to spend each month.

How do I take an income?

Discover how you can use your pension fund to provide a guaranteed income for life or a flexible income, or a combination of both.

Understanding the ways to take an income

Things to consider when planning your retirement

Caring for my family

Things that could affect your retirement planning

News, videos and topical articles

Get a clearer view with topical information on retirement planning.

Featured videos

Income Drawdown

You could choose to take some of your money as and when you need it, leaving the rest of your pension fund invested. Our short video explains more.

Tools and calculators

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