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Stocks, shares & equities: what every investor needs to know

17 January 2017

Stocks, shares, equities... three very familiar words, even to those of us who’ve never considered investing.…

Shares: why you need to think long term

17 January 2017

When it comes to equities, or equity-based investment funds, a mantra often repeated is that equities should only be considered as a long-term investment.…

Shares: are there good and bad times to buy?

17 January 2017

All of us who invest in shares want to time our purchases to give ourselves the best chance of good returns. But it’s a lot harder than it might seem.…

Inflation: a shareholder’s friend?

17 January 2017

A spectre from the past returned to haunt financial markets in late 2016. The election of Donald Trump has awakened fears inflation is ready for a comeback.…

When you should and shouldn’t use it

14 December 2016

Under what circumstances should you hold your assets as cash, and when might it be a good idea to consider other options?…

Where to keep it

14 December 2016

Pensions, banks deposit accounts, ISAs… it’s important to find the right home for your cash.…

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