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Collective investment funds

Invest for growth, income or both with our collective investment funds

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Start investing from as little as £50 a month, Or from £500 as a lump sum

What is a collective investment fund?

A collective investment fund is a way of pooling your money with that of other individual investors and organisations. A fund manager looks after that money, deciding where to invest the money in line with the fund’s investment objectives.

With a larger pool of money than you’d have alone, the fund manager can usually access investments that wouldn’t be open to you as an individual. The fund manager will also spread the risk to the fund by investing in a wide range of assets. These typically include government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks and shares and properties.

You should think of a collective investment fund as a medium to long-term investment of at least five years.

This site gives you information about investing in collective investment funds, but doesn’t offer you financial advice. If you’d like to speak to an adviser, you can find one in your local area at Please bear in mind an adviser will charge you for their services.

Six reasons to invest in collective investment funds

  • Invest a lump sum from £500 or make regular payments from £50 a month.
  • Invest in a ready-made fund to suit the type of investor you are or choose from our full range of funds.
  • Get access to professionally managed investment funds.
  • Get hold of your money at any time or pause your regular payments.
  • Open and manage your investment online.
  • Move to other funds when you need to.

Please remember the value of your investment may go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount you originally invested.

Three simple steps to investing in a collective investment fund

Step 1

Understand more about collective investment funds

Everything you need to know about collective investment funds:

  • how they work
  • risks and rewards
  • charges and tax.

Step 2

Choose where to invest your money

There are two simple ways to invest your money in our funds - use ready made multi-asset funds, or choose from a range.

Step 3

Apply for your investment

Apply online today to invest in a collective investment fund or apply by post if you prefer.

Not sure if this is right for you?

If you’re not sure if investing in collective investment funds is right for you, you might want to take a look at our help and information page. We can’t offer you any financial advice, but you might find this information useful before making your final decision.

If you’re in any doubt, we strongly recommend that you talk to a financial adviser. They will be able to assess your personal situation and offer you advice on the best thing for you to do. It’s likely that you will have to pay a charge for financial advice.

If you don’t already have a financial adviser, you can find one in your local area at

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Investment calculator

Use our investment calculator to help make your money work harder so you can take life easier

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