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Ready-made funds

A simple way to invest

Invest to suit the amount of risk you’d be willing to take

Not everyone has the time to pick and manage a range of funds, so our multi-asset funds offer a simpler way to invest.

We’ve built them to follow five different investment approaches. That means these funds may be suitable for you if you don’t want to be actively involved in managing your investment.

Multi-asset Fund I

Low-medium risk

Multi-asset Fund II

Low-medium risk

Multi-asset Fund III

Medium risk

Multi-asset Fund IV

Medium risk

Multi-asset Fund V

Medium-high risk

  • Multi-asset Fund I - Less risky - Less risky
  • Multi-asset Fund II
  • Multi-asset Fund III
  • Multi-asset Fund IV
  • Multi-asset Fund V - More risky - More risky

Not sure which fund might suit you?

We adjust the asset mixes of each multi-asset fund to follow a particular investment approach. This should help you choose the fund that most closely matches your own attitude to risk.

Take a look at our risk profiles to find out how you feel about investment risk and what you should consider when choosing where to put your money.

Not sure if these funds are for you?

If these funds aren’t right for you and you would like to choose your own funds, take a look at our collective investment funds. You can invest in these funds directly or through our stocks and shares ISA.

If you have any doubts about which investment or funds are right for you, we strongly suggest you talk to a financial adviser. They will charge you for their services, but they will be able to assess your personal circumstances and recommend the right course of action for you.

If you don’t have a financial adviser, you can find one in your area through

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