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My Retirement Planner

Intended to provide general information on retirement planning, this easy-to-use tool can help with your decision making.

  • When could I retire?
  • How much might a pension be worth at retirement?
  • How long might a retirement income need to last?

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If you are looking to open an Aviva ISA, Pension or Investment Account then you can explore and research our investment options.

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Investment Funds - How funds work

Learn more on what funds are and what you might want to consider when investing your money.

Tools and calculators

My budget planner

Do you know how much you’re spending each month compared to your income? This planner can help you find out.

Investment calculator

Get an idea how your investments could all add up to help you reach your goal with our online calculator.

Life expectancy calculator

Many people underestimate their life expectancy. Our calculator can help you start thinking about how long your retirement may last.

Pension Withdrawal Tax Calculator

Thinking about taking a lump sum from your pension? Find out how much income tax you might have to pay.

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Find out from the FCA how to protect yourself from financial fraud

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