Tools and calculators

Whether your retirement is still some time away or is fast approaching, it's important to get a clear idea of how close you are to achieving your aims. Aviva's simple online tools and calculators can help you.

To help you plan your retirement

My Retirement Planner

This is a good place to start when you want an estimated future value for your personal pension plans. By inputting different target incomes you can get an idea how long your money might last in retirement.

The tool provides an illustrative example only, it isn’t intended to provide personalised advice or give personal recommendations.

Life expectancy calculator

Many people underestimate their life expectancy. Use this calculator to get some idea of how long you might live in retirement.

Equity release calculator

This calculator will help you find out how much money you may be able to release from your home with a lifetime mortgage.

This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

Pension annuity calculator

Spare ten minutes to get a quote on how much income you could receive in retirement.

To help you budget, invest and save

Budget calculator

How much can you afford to save? This calculator can help you find out.

Savings and Investment calculator

Enter how much you'd like to save or invest and this calculator will work out how much it could be worth in the future, based on your estimated rate of return.

Monthly savings calculator

Perhaps you're saving with a specific goal in mind, as well as planning your retirement. Find out how much you might need to put aside each month to get there.

Inheritance tax calculator

Use this quick calculator to see if your loved ones could face a tax bill after you're gone.

University costs calculator

Helping a child through University? This calculator will help you add up how much you might need to save.

Inflation calculator

Get an idea how much impact inflation could have on your savings with this simple calculator.

Cut back and save calculator

Those little things add up ... find out how much difference a few cut backs can make to the amount you can afford to save.

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