Short term car insurance

Short term car insurance - available for between 1-28 days

Temporary car insurance

Our comprehensive short term car insurance, backed by Dayinsure, is a cost effective way of insuring yourself to drive another car or van, or someone else to drive your vehicle, for a period of between one and 28 days. Only need one day car insurance? We’ve got it covered. Arrange cover for a test drive, sharing a long drive with a friend, or borrowing a relative’s vehicle for a weekend: get a short term insurance quote now

  • Choose the temporary motor insurance cover you need — from one to 28 days
  • Quick and easy to arrange
  • Our short term car insurance won’t affect the no claim discount on the vehicle’s main insurance policy
  • Temporary car insurance cover for full business use available (except for hire and reward)
  • Uninsured loss recovery included with every temporary motor insurance policy
  • A range of additional options available including:

    • Comprehensive cover for driving in Europe
    • Temporary breakdown cover

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