Group Life

Underwriting this policy

Please note: This information relates to policies quoted after 28 September 2015.

Time is important and no one wants to spend it filling out forms, which is why we have a simple and efficient underwriting process. We offer a free cover limit for most schemes which means medical underwriting normally only takes place for benefits above this limit and, where applicable, we’ll take a 'once only' approach to underwriting. This means that in the majority of cases future increases in benefit won't be subject to further underwriting.

If we do need to underwrite your employees because, for example, they are over the free cover limit, we’ll try to minimise the disruption. Here are some aspects of our underwriting process that we think are important and that our clients benefit from:

  • Efficiency. We use specialist staff trained and equipped with medical knowledge to capture essential information in telephone interviews. By using the confidential Tele-interview technique, employees don't have to complete any complicated forms, which can help to put them at ease.
  • Simplicity. If you prefer your employees not to have a Tele-interview, then we can use one medical declaration to capture information about their work, health, lifestyle and medical history.
  • Accountability. We provide a prompt, clear and accountable underwriting service, which is designed so that it creates minimum disruption for your business.
  • Practicality. We’ll give your employees cover from the day we set up your Group Life policy and will provide up to 90 days temporary cover (to a maximum of £1million above the scheme free cover limit or the member’s previously underwritten benefit, if higher), during the underwriting process, excluding pre-existing conditions.

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