While the majority of workplace slips and falls result in little more than bruises and bumps, some can lead to other types of accidents, such as falls from height. 

Due to the accidental nature of slips and falls, it's difficult to anticipate the outcome. That's where our slip testing measurement tool can help, by identifying slip hazards and determining how to reduce and manage potential losses. Our Risk Consultants can offer this service as part of an on-site liability survey.

How does slip testing work?

Encourages best practice

Helps to develop good practices and procedures to prevent slipping incidents such as regularly checking slip resistance or checking for floor contamination

Highlights hazards

Our liability Risk Consultants provide a report with advice on how to manage and prevent potential slips or trips, or they may refer you to our specialist partner for more specific risks

Can help to reduce injury claims

Potentially reduces the number of workplace injury claims

Accurate test results

The slip testing device allows us to measure the level of slip risk to your floor and gather accurate data, which can be used to defend against false claims

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