Escape of Water

Helping protect your business from water damage

Water leaks cause untold damage and disruption to many, so knowing what to do if this happens can ensure you’re prepared and can help minimise the damage. Even better, carrying out simple checks, ensuring good accessibility to your plumbing and isolation points, being proactive with your maintenance and understanding available leak detection technology can help prevent incidents. Such proven mitigation measures are more necessary than ever.

Did you know?

3.17 billion litres

of water lost through leaky pipes every single day
in England and Wales during 2018-2019*1

£1.8 million

paid per day by insurers in respect of
domestic escape of water losses*2

Our Specialist Partners to help manage your escape of water risks

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Leak Detection

Aqualytics can provide equipment to monitor your building’s water system. By identifying how water is used, through software, the system can determine if leaks are occurring, how efficiently plant is running and, in the event of a breach of the wet system, lock off the water supply to prevent damage to property. A building’s water system can be monitored, and controlled remotely, using a smart phone via the Aqualytics system. Ideal for commercial new builds (construction) and retrofits, and residential new builds.


Leak Detection

Leaksafe can identify both catastrophic bursts and low-level leaks using both flow based and localised leak detection. Systems can be designed to automatically shut off water if a leak is detected to prevent further losses and send notifications to occupants or property managers identifying where in the building the leak has occurred.  Leaksafe can be used in residential and commercial properties during construction, fit out and occupation phases.


Leak Detection

Waterguard is a professionally fitted monitoring system which measures water flow into a building, identifying residual water loss and leaks. Waterguard can allow you to monitor water usage and isolate water supplies in the event of a leak being detected. Waterguard offer a range of products which can be used in residential and commercial properties of all sizes.

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* Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.