Selection and Utilisation of Technology

Use technology proactively to help change your drivers’ behaviours

In-vehicle technology, like standalone or integrated in-vehicle cameras and telematics, can help businesses identify their at-risk drivers and when drivers are distracted. But it’s how the data is used, combined with how the business establishes why the driver chooses to drive this way, that will enable a behavioural change to occur. The footage and telematics data can also be used to identify who may be at fault in a collision. We can provide guidance to assist you in selecting and implementing technology successfully.

Did you know?


fatal collisions were recorded by police in Great Britain in 2021 involving distractions, including in-vehicle distractions, distractions outside the vehicle
 and using a mobile phone 1



£577 million

Motor Insurance Claim fraud detected in 2021 with 8% increase in organised motor frauds uncovered at 10,617 2


Guidance to help manage your selection and utilisation of technology

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Our Specialist Partners to help manage your selection and utilisation of technology


Behavioural Driver Safety Programme

DriverMetrics® reduces the risk of work-related crashes via its scientifically validated Driver Risk Index™ assessments, eLearning and driver coaching solutions. By accurately identifying the behavioural causes of individual driver risk with the Driver Risk Index™ assessment and selecting from a range of coaching interventions - including eLearning - to change identified high risk behaviours.


In-Cab Coaching Technology, Driver Rewards and Telematics

Lightfoot provides drivers with the tool to improve driver behaviour and the rewards and incentives to make them want to do so. Lightfoot is suitable for all company cars, LCVs (up to and including 7.5T) and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Lightfoot works with fleets of all sizes across the UK.


Vehicle telematics, vehicle safety technology, fleet analytics and secure file sharing

VUE provides CCTV and software insight tools to fleets of all shapes and sizes. As industry leaders in AI technology, their camera systems can detect potential risks in and around a vehicle, helping drivers to manoeuvre with more awareness and avoid collisions and incidents. Alerts can be sent in-cab and to fleet managers to review via VUEhub, a centralised place for all fleet management tools. 


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