Fleet Video Telematics, Fleet Analytics and Secure File Sharing

We can provide in-vehicle cameras, telematics and cloud hosting platform services through our Specialist Partner VUEgroup. These solutions are available to Aviva customers at preferential rates.

All fleets face particular challenges throughout their journeys. The proactive use of technology will help managers and drivers to operate safe and successful businesses.

Vision Unique Equipment (VUE) are an advanced vehicle technology company who provide bespoke solutions to suit the specific demands of every customer’s fleet.


  • Integrated cameras and telematics
  • In-vehicle cameras
  • Driver Behaviour App and reporting
  • Lone working systems
  • Multimedia sharing platform
  • First notification of loss
  • Analysis of other companies’ telematics data


  • Supports eliminating driver blind spots
  • Aims to protect vulnerable road users
  • Proactively monitor and help improve driver behaviour
  • Can improve fleet driving standards
  • Aims to reduce the overall cost of claims and costs associated with accidents 
  • Can improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Upload, view, share footage to speed up claims
  • Compliance with Direct Vision Standards (DVS), Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS).

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VUE is a risk management company and we work in the camera’s telematics, tracking and cloud storage market.

Working very closely with our insurance partners and our fleets to really make an impact on how they operate to make them safe and cost effective.

Accidents are something that happen every day in businesses all over the world they cost an awful lot of money and cause injury.

We have solutions that are able to help people mitigate those risks and make their workplace a better place.

We have a whole range of product length from our 20 years of experience. From a hardware solution, where we can install equipment into vehicles, we then have dedicated software platforms that help companies leverage the information that's being created by those hardware platforms; so, video and telematics.

Our VUE analytics product allows us to contextualise telematics data, and understand where people drive, what time of day, what the weather conditions are like, what the road surface is like, what the average traffic speed is like where they're driving, and this takes telematics to a completely different level.

That's why VUE is different, we do that under one roof.

We're unique in lots of different ways from a technology point of view, we have all of our products report to the same platform, which is a huge time and cost saving for our fleets.

So, you can have different systems across different vehicles in your range, but it all comes back to one place.

We're really passionate about what we do we're really passionate about getting it right first time and making an impact so really that's where we're key.

One of our USPs really is that we really engage with the fleet we want to make an impact on it, but also for us support is really important, if something goes wrong, which it does from time to time, we understand how important that technology is, we'll get out, we'll get it sorted, we'll get it fixed, and everyone here is really engaged in making that difference.

There are lots of companies who provide the technology, maybe the box, there are companies who do the analytics separately, but you've got to shopping to all those people to get the full solution. We are endeavouring to pull all of that under one umbrella here at VUE.

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