Vehicle telematics, vehicle safety technology, fleet analytics and secure file sharing

VUE provides CCTV and software insight tools to fleets of all shapes and sizes. As industry leaders in AI technology, their camera systems can detect potential risks in and around a vehicle, helping drivers to manoeuvre with more awareness.

Alerts can be sent in-cab and to fleet managers to review via their online platform VUEhub, a centralised place for all fleet management tools. The solution is also home to a secure media exchange service which enables claims to be resolved promptly. Their innovative technology helps to reduce accident rates, improve driver behaviour, and ultimately minimise the risk fleet drivers pose to others on the road. 


  • Integrated cameras and telematics
  • Internal and external cameras
  • Device agnostic
  • AI technology
  • Multimedia sharing platform
  • Analytics data in a mobile friendly app
  • Live tracking software and more


  • Supports eliminating driver blind spots
  • Aims to protect vulnerable road users
  • Aims to protect drivers
  • Proactively monitors driver to support wellbeing
  • Can help to improve fleet driver standards
  • Aims to reduce the overall cost of claims and streamlines the process
  • Aims to improve the efficiency of a fleet
  • Compliance with Direct Vision Standards (DVS), Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS)

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Transcript  for video VUEgroup

Glen Mullins: Data is only good if you do something with it, otherwise it's white noise. We've been selling hardware to vehicles for over 20 years and it was predominantly around making the vehicle a safer place. We work with the nine biggest insurers in the UK. We're able to take data and present it to the insurance customers immediately.

There's nobody else in the market space that has the capability to do that.

Peter Oates: Having footage is absolutely critical. It's gold dust really to an insurer. And having that footage just allows you to have a really good view of exactly what happened on the road.

Road Safety Expert: It supports the driver, but more importantly, it helps to protect the community that the driver's delivering to.

Jack Hilton: VUE is a family run business. It really kind of holds to it a warmth that we really do pride ourselves on.

Peter Oates: Being able to work really closely with the insurers, developing products that they want, sets us apart.

Road Safety Expert: The advantage of the technology, it's small, it doesn't get in the way of the driver, it doesn't impede the operation of the vehicle, it gives the company real insight to how the vehicle is being used.

Jack Hilton: When we can eliminate the blind spot and we have a full perspective, a full view of what is happening on that vehicle, we can really look into the specific reasons behind any accidents that are occurring, any driver behaviour things we want to look into.

Cameron Meadwell: I believe VUE are industry leading in the way we are moving our technology forward with the new cameras, the driver distraction, and the AVM system.

And that's just the current systems, the new systems that we are pushing at the moment, such as the bridge height alerting. This again will push us even further ahead of the field.

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