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Safe, environmentally efficient, well-serviced and maintained vehicles are key for all fleet operations. You can achieve this by having a suitable selection process and effective maintenance and servicing regime in place, together with appropriate safety technology to improve driving style and poor behaviours.

Did you know?


increase in plug-in electric vans
 registered from
 2018 to 2019*1


ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEV)
 Heavy Goods Vehicles were
 registered in 2019*1


of prohibitions for defects of Large Goods Vehicles, up to 3.5T, are for the condition of tyres, which remains the top prohibition*2

Our Specialist Partners to help manage your vehicles now and in the future

To access these solutions at preferential rates and terms, contact our Specialist Partners.


Commercial Vehicle Safety and Security

Maple Fleet Services offer a wide range of safety and security solutions for commercial vehicles, which can either be installed by their nationwide engineering team or supplied directly to the client.


Security Marking​

Selectamark are a supplier of security marking and asset identification solutions. They offer a variety of tools, mobile equipment, vehicle and plant marking solutions to help deter theft and recover stolen property.​


In-Vehicle Cameras, Telematics and a Cloud Hosting Platform

Services include in-vehicle cameras, VUEmatics integrated camera and telematics, driver behaviour reporting, Driver Scores mobile app, tracking devices, first notification of loss, analysis of other companies’ telematics data, lone working systems, training and a multimedia hosting platform.

Services available from our Specialist Partners

Locking and Load Area Security


Access to one of Europe’s largest and most diverse range of locking and commercial vehicle security applications, that are designed to combat new and emerging theft techniques. Solutions include high security locks to prevent unauthorised access to a vehicles load area, electronic seals that enable operators to maintain load integrity and driver recognition systems that ensure vehicles can only be operated by authorised persons.

SafeConnect (safe trailer coupling device)


Access to a safe trailer coupling device that ensures a trailer's braking system is permanently applied throughout the coupling process, protecting the driver until they safely return to the vehicle cab and are in full control of the vehicle. Only once the driver has depressed the vehicle pedal will air be released to the trailer brakes and in doing so return normal braking functionality. This ensures drivers are safe from potential rollaway situations.

Forensic Vehicle and Plant Marking Solutions


Access to a DNA Forensic Marking kit, with window etching, to mark all types of vans and commercial vehicles with a unique DNA formula that is inconspicuous and almost impossible to remove. Criminals know that DNA is the police’s most powerful weapon in convicting criminals. Therefore, the DNA fear-factor is highly understood and acts as a huge deterrent. SelectaDNA has been tested to the very highest industry standards, attaining PAS820 Grade A External and Thatcham Quality Assurance.

VUEtrack-magnetic tracking unit


Access to a tracking unit where temporary security or tracking is required, or the tracker needs its own power source. VUEtrack-magnetic has a magnetic attachment, long-life battery power, accurate GPS tracking and a small rugged design making it ideal for tracking test-drive vehicles, trailers, high-value equipment and for covert vehicle tracking. It's easily fixed within a vehicle’s engine bay, boot, or under a seat, without leaving a mark or the need for wiring.  

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