Protecting Your People

Helping you keep your people safe

Having properly maintained premises, plant, equipment, policies and procedures is critical so you can provide the required services and products while keeping your employees, customers and contractors and others, safe.

Guidance to help protect your people

Management of Health and Safety

Find practical guidance to help you manage health and safety, prevent incidents and protect your reputation.

Occupational Health

Find practical guidance to help you maintain a healthy workplace and healthy workforce. 

Premises, Tools and Equipment

Find practical guidance to help you reduce the risks from premises, tools and equipment.

Wellbeing and Personal Resilience

Find practical guidance to help you maintain social, mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace.

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Aviva Homeworking LPS PDF (2.1 MB)

Aviva Managing Change LPS PDF (819 kB)

Aviva Claims Defensibility LPS PDF (1.8 MB)

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Specialist Partners to help build your resilience

We work with our network of Specialist Partners to complement our in-house capabilities, so that our policyholders can benefit from a wide range of risk management solutions at preferential rates and terms.

To access these services, contact our Specialist Partners.

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