An impairment is where any action results in any part of a detection or a protection system being inoperative, taken out of service or a condition in which the said system cannot perform its designed safety function.

There are two impairment types: planned impairments, in order to carry out routine maintenance or modifications to the system and emergency impairments, e.g accidental damage.

You must notify Aviva of your impairment by filling out the below Impairment Management form and sending it to

Examples of impairments

Automatic protection systems


Fire alarms and other detection systems

Fire pumps

Firewater tanks

Security alarm panels

Would you like to notify us of an impairment?

What is the process for notifying Aviva of an impairment?

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Complete and submit the form

Complete the Impairment Management Form. Please fill out every section, except for the reinstatement section, giving as much detail as possible including the precautions to be undertaken during the impairment. 

Submit the Impairment Management Form to

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Wait for review

The mailbox is managed by the Risk Management Solutions Centre of Prevention Excellence Team. Your completed form will be reviewed, logged and forwarded on to Underwriters and Risk Consultants. We will contact you with any queries that we have.

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Any changes? Get in touch

Please contact the impairments mailbox if there are any changes to the notified impairment, e.g. the expected restoration date has been revised or there has been a change in precautions.

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Tracking your impairment

The Centre of Prevention Excellence team will track the impairment through to completion and mark the impairment as restored on our log. 

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Once the impairment has been restored, please complete the reinstatement section of the Impairment Management Form and send it to

Why is notifying us of an impairment so important?

Managing issues

We can offer advice to help make sure appropriate measures are taken, any downtime is kept to a minimum and precautions can be managed effectively.


A site can be more vulnerable when protection /  detection systems are out of service, and during any change.

Life safety

There is a life safety exposure when life safety systems are impaired.


Failure to notify your insurer of an impairment in a timely manner may invalidate your insurance policy as it is a material fact.

Loss Prevention Standards associated with Impairment Management

Need further impairment assistance?

Contact our Impairment Management Team

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