LOLER 1998

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

The key piece of legislation concerning lifting equipment is LOLER - The Lifting operations and Lifting equipment Regulations 1998. LOLER covers all work equipment with a lifting or lowering function. They apply in addition to PUWER, to offer adequate safeguards to people working with lifting equipment. The user is required to:

  • Use a competent person to plan lifting operations
  • Ensure that the equipment is suitable
  • Ensure that the lifting operation will not endanger people in the vicinity
  • Assess requirements for inspections of the lifting equipment and accessories
  • Have regular thorough examinations carried out by a suitably competent person

Note that LOLER applies not only to the equipment, but also to the safe operation of that equipment. The Regulations require that Lifting Equipment used to lift people and lifting accessories (such as shackles, hooks and chains etc) are inspected every 6 months with other equipment (including cranes and loading equipment) inspected every 12 months. In all cases a risk assessment should be undertaken to ensure the frequency of the inspections is appropriate.

LOLER Definitions

Accessory for lifting
Work equipment for attaching loads to machinery for lifting.

Examination scheme
A suitable scheme drawn up by a competent person for a thorough examination of lifting equipment at such intervals as may be appropriate.

Lifting equipment
Work equipment for lifting or lowering loads including attachments for anchoring, fixing or supporting it.

Work equipment
Any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work

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