Hot Works Claims Scenarios

Whilst Hot Works claims are a relatively rare occurrence, when they do happen the damage and cost that they inflict can be significant. But they can be avoidable if simple steps are taken to improve processes and procedures – that’s why we’ve been generating awareness and providing guidance over the last month.

You’ve told us how useful it is to demonstrate this in practice, so the next stage of our Hot Works risk spotlight includes exactly that – case studies that bring to life the way in which Hot Works can damage a business, and the practical steps that could have been taken to avoid any incident at all.

Over the next few months you’ll see further spotlights from us on risks that could be lessened through greater awareness, and guidance from our Claims and Risk Management experts.

Take a look at our Fire at a Timber Manufacturer and Hotel Maintenance claims scenarios.

Plus, if you missed it, we have a Commercial Guide to Hotworks and a new Hot Works podcast.