Keeping safe this summer

As we enter the summer and enjoy everything the warmer months have to offer, it’s important to stay alert to the seasonal hazards your business faces.

Having an awareness of the ‘easy to miss’ hazards could be the difference between continued business recovery and the ability to recoup losses and an unforeseen loss due to the impact of hotter weather conditions.

Potential dry spells and heatwaves can create highly flammable situations, particularly with climate change creating more unpredictable weather patterns. The increased likelihood of fires starting from the likes of poorly managed BBQs, discarded cigarettes or glass-magnified sun rays, pose the risk of endangering people, property and stock. The impact can be significant if the right precautions and risk assessments haven’t been carried out. Even with the smallest of fires, the after effects of smoke contamination can cause corrosion, discolouration and lingering odour – some of which can be very expensive and time consuming to deal with.

It’s useful to identify how your business would be impacted by a seasonal loss. Business Continuity management and supply chain resilience are crucial, so seasonal fluctuations should be considered in developing robust plans. Variances of some description are a factor for most businesses, but it’s understanding the peaks and troughs within a business cycle and the differing impacts incidents can have depending upon the time of year at which they occur that will allow for effective management.  

Take a look at our Summer Risk Management Bulletin - it highlights factors to consider and includes guidance, practical measures and checklists for you to help protect your business.