Preparing for the winter months

As 2022 draws to an end, we welcome upcoming festivities but reflect on what’s been a year of much uncertainty.

Businesses continue to feel the impact of a turbulent economy, supply chain and labour market issues, plus the ongoing climate crisis. Add to this colder and more unsettled weather conditions means it’s important to prepare where possible, to take stock and review risk management strategies.  

A greater awareness of potential risks and effective preparation using innovative new techniques can reduce the impact of seasonal risks. We’ve updated our winter risk management bulletin to help you do just that.

Our winter risk management bulletin highlights the types of risks businesses should be aware of this time of year. From turbulent weather and the risk of harsh driving conditions to damage to property and cracked water pipes. We focus on the importance of protecting your business from the weight of snow and extreme weather damage with regular building maintenance checks. We also highlight the increase in slips, trips and falls, with wet and icy conditions leading to employee injury, absence and reputational loss. These as risks that can be mitigated with the right prevention measures and an awareness of the potential impact.

As the impact of climate change becomes more severe, flood risks and extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. Having some effective protection strategies and business continuity plans in place (and reviewing these regularly) is key to combatting this rapidly changing risk landscape. 

Find out more in our winter risk management bulletin, with helpful tips and resources included or visit our sustainability page for tips on becoming more sustainable and managing the related risks.