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One in three workers risking health through lack of sleep

A large number of employees in the UK are putting their health at risk by regular instances of having lack of sleep.

This is according to a new study which was carried out by Vielife and found that one in three UK workers suffers from poor sleep, reports the Guardian.

After information was collected from 38,784 employees the data found that only one in seven respondents feel completely refreshed when they wake up in the morning.

Despite seven to eight hours a night being recommended by experts, only 38.5 per cent of workers said that they received this much shuteye.

Most common among the respondents was sleeping for five to seven hours a night with 45 per cent saying they achieve that much sleep.

Most worrying of all it was found that 5.4 per cent of workers get less than five hours of sleep a night, yet still go into work and perform their jobs.

Dr Tony Massey, medical director at Vielife, said: "Organisations that have employees that sleep better perform better in the marketplace.

"Staff who sleep badly say they don't feel good, can nod off at their desk, have trouble concentrating, and are more prone to viruses and infections."

There are thought to be a wide number of reasons why staff are not sleeping, ranging from stress, using a computer all day and taking tasks home from work.

Employees who are lacking in sleep are putting their health and safety at risk with the chances of having an accident more likely on top of jeopardising their general health.

Such a lack of sleep means it is unlikely that staff will perform to the best of their abilities and many may not be doing their jobs right at all.

The sensation of tiredness has been compared to that of feeling drunk and can have a similar impact on rate of productivity.ADNFCR-2134-ID-801331747-ADNFCR

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