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Driver CPC...what's it all about?

You may have heard a few mutterings about Driver CPC recently. It's one of the current hot topics in the haulage industry. But what's it all about?

 Driver CPC - or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence - is about improving the knowledge and skills of those who drive large vehicles. A good thing, I think, as it should improve safety on our roads.

 It isn't a voluntary thing. It's all underpinned by legislation. Legislation, which for LGV drivers comes in from 10th September this year. Now here's where things start to get a little complicated.
From 10th of September, any newly licenced LGV driver must have a Driver CPC. They get this by passing the Driver CPC theory and practical tests. These are in addition to the tests they must sit to get their LGV driving licence.
Anyone already licenced to drive a goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes before 10th September does not have to sit the initial Driver CPC tests. However, all LGV drivers will have to complete 35 hours of Driver CPC training every five years, or they will no longer be allowed to drive professionally.
Understandably, given the economic climate, some hauliers aren't too happy about Driver CPC. This 35 hours of training will cost them time and money. Because of the recession, many in the industry look likely to put off training until the end of the 5 year deadline.
However, I'm encouraging those with haulage fleets to get their drivers trained to meet the Driver CPC requirements sooner rather than later.
To begin with, it's a way for hauliers to stand out from the crowd, by showing they take the safety of their drivers and other road users seriously.
But also, there are around half a million licenced LGV drivers in the UK. If hauliers leave it too late, they could find there aren't enough approved Driver CPC training centres around to cope with demand. Haulage companies can't operate without drivers. 

RAC are approved providers of Driver CPC training. if you would like to discuss what this change means for your clients call 0870 606 2606 or email

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