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Would I lie to you? No, normally I wouldn't. But just for a change I'm going to mislead you. See if you spot where...

 From 6 April 2009, the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations were amended. One of the changes was to bring in a new health and safety poster.
You might recognise the old poster. It's that slightly grubby old-fashioned looking thing you see on the wall of most workplaces. It's headed "Health and Safety Law". You should have one where you work. They're compulsory, unless every worker is given an equivalent leaflet .
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) decided to replace the old poster with one that was "modern, eye-catching and easy to read." The new poster is headed "Health and Safety Law - What you need to know".
Unlike the old version, employers don't need to add information themselves and keep this up to date. If you're still displaying the old poster it should be replaced straightaway. New leaflets have also been produced, along with an MP3 audio version.
So there you go. Did you spot where I went wrong? Yes, it was that bit about having to replace your old poster straightaway. Workplaces actually have until 5 April 2014 to do this.
The trouble is though, not everyone who's now selling the new poster is telling the right story either. According to the HSE*, some businesses have been duped into buying unnecessary and overpriced copies.
The HSE said there was evidence of misleading promotions wrongly claiming that the old poster "must be replaced immediately".
So how would you know if you were being scammed? Here's two simple pieces of advice:
Firstly, develop a little cynicism when it comes to information. Don't be afraid to ask - Is this right? And secondly - find a friendly expert and ask them.
When it comes to things like health and safety, security, fire safety, environmental management and road safety, Aviva Risk Management Solutions is your friendly expert. All Aviva policyholders and brokers have free access to our helpline. Just call 0845 366 66 66 with your questions. We'll keep you right.

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