Apex Flood Solutions

Flood Resilience

We can provide flood and resilience measures through our Specialist Partner Apex Flood Solutions. These solutions are available to Aviva customers at preferential rates.

Flooding events experienced across the UK, particularly over the last decade, have shown the devastating impact that flooding can have on property, businesses and individuals. While it may not always be possible to eliminate the risk of flooding altogether, many practical steps can be taken to help reduce the risk of flood damage and assist with recovery times.

Apex Flood Solutions provides solutions to flood risks such as flood barriers, flood doors, flood-proof kitchens, flood-proof walls and floors and drainage protection. Their experts consider aspects of flood risk including flood type, business operations and the human aspects such as response times for any manual interventions.


  • Design and Specification 
  • Consultancy
  • Installation 
  • Flood Related Products 
  • Flood Resilient Repairs


  • Can improve resilience against the impact of flood
  • Can help the business to keep trading
  • Protection of your business assets
  • Protection of your home and personal property
  • Can help to reduce time away from the property following flooding
  • Can help you maintain your insurance cover 

Apex Flood Solutions' contact information

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