Crisis Communications

We can provide crisis communications training and services through our Specialist Partner Horizonscan. These solutions are available to Aviva customers at preferential rates.

Horizonscan specialise in increasing the ability of businesses to deal with disruptive events including understanding how to deal with the press during a crisis and social media to help protect you against reputational damage.


  • Crisis simulation exercises: a customised simulation of a potential crisis scenario to test an organisation's preparedness and response capabilities.
  • Crisis communication training: a training program designed to teach organisations how to communicate effectively during a crisis, including messaging, media relations, and stakeholder communication.
  • Building crisis management plans: a documented plan that outlines the procedures and protocols for managing and responding to a crisis.
  • Tabletop exercises: a simulation of a crisis scenario where key stakeholders meet to discuss potential responses, identify gaps in the response plan, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Readiness assessments: A comprehensive evaluation of a business's preparedness to respond to a crisis or disaster.


  • Helps your people learn how to interact with the media and limit the risk of potential reputational exposures
  • Provides training for your senior staff so they are better able to represent the organisation with various types of media - printed, TV, social media and radio

Horizonscan's contact information


01304 806 873*


* The cost of calls to 01 prefixed numbers are charged at national call rates (charges may vary dependent on your network provider) and are usually included in inclusive minute plans from landlines and mobiles. For our joint protection telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored.