Crisis Communications

We can provide crisis communications training and services through our Specialist Partner Horizonscan. These solutions are available to Aviva customers at preferential rates.

Horizonscan specialise in increasing the ability of businesses to deal with disruptive events including understanding how to deal with the press during a crisis and social media to help protect you against reputational damage.


  • Training for all staff on how to deal with the media during a crisis
  • Training for Senior Leaders on how to manage and utilise the media during a crisis. This course is designed to provide individual coaching and guidance to leaders, as well as tips and techniques for managing the media
  • Crisis Simulation Exercise focused on reputational risk to test your organisations's ability to deal with a reputational crisis. Each consultant will be looking at a different area: Gold Command/Leadership, Business Impact and Reputation


  • Helps your people learn how to interact with the media and limit the risk of potential reputational exposures
  • Provides training for your senior staff so they are better able to represent the organisation with various types of media - printed, TV, social media and radio

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