​Vacant Property Security

We can provide vacant property security ​services through our Specialist Partner VPS. These solutions are available to Aviva customers at preferential rates.

Vacant or unoccupied properties can attract unwanted attention, including vandalism, theft, arson, trespassers and squatting. In addition, any damage that occurs within a vacant property can go unnoticed, leading to additional damage at a further cost.

VPS can provide a wide range of risk management security solutions for the protection of vacant properties and construction sites.


  • Protection of unoccupied property
  • Security (excludes guardian services)
  • Property Management 
  • Maintenance


  • Maintaining properties in a safe condition
  • Reducing the risks from theft, vandalism and trespass
  • Maintain asset value
  • Improving the turnaround time for vacated properties
  • Compliance with insurance requirements

VPS' contact information

* For our joint protection telephone calls may be recorded and/or monitored.