Wind Turbine Generators (WTG)*

Wind turbine generators

Inspection Frequency:
Regulation or WSE dependant

Related Regulation:
LOLER 1, Work from height equipment, PSSR 2, PUWER 3

Wind turbine Generators (WTGs) contain equipment which are required to be inspected under differing legislation. 

WTGs are rated on output in Mega Watts. 1MW, 3MW etc. The larger "sail area" presented to the wind by the WTG blades the more torque produced to drive the Generator.

This can be a direct drive system or a geared system depending upon WTG design. However generally the larger the WTG and certainly 3MW and larger also require control gear in order to control the Blade pitch and speed to avoid overloading the system through an over speed condition. Often large WTGs feather the blades to prevent overspeed during very high wind speeds.

Remember in general you can split WTGs into 2 classes. Those below 60M hub height and those above 60M hub or nacelle height. Those above are normally fitted with a passenger lift / hoist to take persons to the Nacelle and those below generally are fitted with an access ladder only.

Generally you may expect to find the following items within a WTG and the legislation it attaches to.


Passenger hoist
Lifting jib hoist / block
Lifting accessories

Work from height equipment

Ladder latch-way system
Escape/fall arrest equipment




Fire extinguishers

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